• “Each of the stories, so rare, so powerful and so moving” India Today
  • “The book is a celebration of India, people and the land.. It is an inspiring effort and demonstrates what can be achieved by photography.” The Hindu
  • “It is a book which desperately needs a sequel…nay many sequels. Just to keep our hope alive, our winters a bit warmer.”Biblio
  • “This book is an act of courage” Fotovision
  • “Both Mahesh and Anita deserve praise and admiration for their determination, and for bringing these extraordinary “ordinary” people to our awareness.” Tewfic el-sawy
  • Please click here to see a personal letter of appreciation from President Bill Clinton
A'Zing' or a reservoir near Phey village, Ladakh

A’Zing’ or a reservoir near Phey village, Ladakh