• UNSUNG has received rave reviews and made a great impact on the lives of the Heroes featured.
    • Till date the book has helped in raising over Rs.90 lakhs (USD 150000.00) to the causes of some of the heroes featured in the book.
    • Chewang Norphel. K M Chinnappa, Rangasamy Elango and Subhashini Mistry have won CNN-IBN real heroes award.


  • Hasnath Mansur, Lakshman Singh, Chewang Norphel and Subhashini Mistry have won Harmony Silver Award from Harmony for Silvers Foundation.
  • Indian Institute of Management – Bangalore has instituted UNSUNG lecture series. Heroes featured in the book are invited to IIM-B to address and interact with a group of students. Four lectures have taken place till now.
  • Mahesh Bhat, creator and publisher of UNSUNG has delivered over hundred ‘Unsung’ lectures at various locations in India to audiences ranging from 30 to 300.

“ It is very beautiful. I admire the decision to work in black and white – it’s a fascinating contrast to much of the photography I’ve seen of India which tends to revel in the vivid colors of the country. The book you’ve done does a beautiful job of capturing the strength and creativity of the individuals you’re featuring. Wonderful work – congratulations” – Ethan Zuckerman, Director of the MIT Center for Civic Media

“I had been wanting to say it for long time but procrastinated it for long – I and my wife literally felt in love with Unsung. Not only we felt pride in reading it but it also brought lot of determination and hope, that so many things can be achieved in this world, just that we do not realize our potentials. And also hats off to the unsung heroes, for their courage and compassion. I had been for long looking for true inspiration for my photography work – related to social aspect of it, and I would be modest in saying that Unsung gave me a new sense of direction and it comes closest to what I would like to do myself too. Thanks to you and Anita Pratap for bringing their stories to us.” – From a reader.

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Jananeethi – Thrissur, Kerala – 2004